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    September 21, 2010
    5:00 - 6:00am PDT  

body. whip the morning news starts now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning to you. welcome to tuesday, september 21st. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. let's start with the weather and steve paulson. how is it looking stephen? >> pamela and dave, good morning. patchy low clouds but the key is it is breezy for some and cooler today. whoa have a weak system coming in so 60s and 70s and temperatures come down about a good five degrees today. that wind will pick up later on as the system gets closer for a cool down today and tomorrow. here is sal. >> steve right now traffic on interstate 80 westbound looks good through berkeley and emeryville. also this morning looking at 880 in oakland off to a good start back to dave and pam. >> thank you, sam. topping our news this morning, police in oakland have issued an important warning to people living around lake merritt. jade hernandez joins us now from our newsroom with more.
>> reporter: good morning. two actual assaults and two robberies took place on the same day -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: oak land police want anyone in and and the lake merritt area to be careful and aware 0 of their surroundings, police say he man responsible m attacked the two women sunday in relatively secluded areas but the department is not saying when or where the attacks took place. both were on their way home. police plan to release a skep of the attacker later today but for now they want anyone in the area to be more alert and report anything suspicious to police. >> from what we have been seeing recently with these robberies is people distracted by their cell phone and other electronic devices so especially be diligent entering and exiing cars and coming and going to and from home. >> reporter: the attacker is african american, in his 20s, 510 to 6'0" with a medium build wearing dark clothes. police say he is armed and
dangerous. live more on this. live in the newsroom. jade hernandez, back to you. >> 5:01. a vallejo man is under arrest accused of killing his girlfriend and police in two bay area cities are investigating it. claudine wong is live with all the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. dave. yes, we are at glen copark this morning because that parking lot was just one of the crime scenes in this. this is where police believe the killing may have happened but this is not where the body was found. this story took several twists and turns and a couple of confessions before he was caught and the body was discovered. the story began at 1:20 yesterday when police say he called his wife and confessed to killing his girlfriend. his wife called 911. police went to check the home but find no sign of her. at some point they got a call
of a truck in this parking lot. it was empty but covered with what police say is bold. that obviously intensified the search. at 5:45 the story took another turn when a co-worker called police and told them he had driven to his home and confessed to him the killing of his girlfriend. so the co-workers called police. police got there and then found the body of a woman who it appears had been beaten to dit on the floorboard of the front passenger seat of his vehicle. he was arrested without incident and has apparently been very willing to tell police what happened. the question is what caused all of this. he has no criminal record but the times herald is reporting the two had recently broke up. he is this morning booked into jail on charges of kidnapping and murder. police still have to positively identify the victim. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow morning. live here in vallejo, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news.
>> police are investigating another homicide this morning. the victim 21-year-old darrell brackston of vallejo, found shot to death in the driver's seat of a van on conyay vista avenue sunday night. so far no arrests have been made and a motive is still under investigation. >> a warning for women in the south bay this morning after a jogger was attacked along a trail. near the south end of smell avenue outside san jose city limits at 7:45 sunday morning. investigators say the suspect grabbed the victim, pushed her into an oak we duct and tried to sexually assault her. she managed to fight him off and escape. we talked with people who live nearby. >> i hope the man is caught and -- and justice is served. i mean there is no way that something like that should happen to anyone. >> the suspect is described as latino in his 20s, 5'6," 150 pounds with brown hair and
brown eyes. morgan hill police have also been searching for a man who raped a woman jogger last december and they say the descriptions are pretty close. sheriff's deputies in alameda county are looking for the man who tried to kidnap a 12-year-old girl. that happened friday morning near the canyon middle school in castro valley. investigators say a man in a red or maroon 4 door sedan repeatedly asked the girl to get inside his car. she refused and immediately ran off to tell her school principal, who then contacted authorities. >> time now 5:05. pg&e has released its list of 100 highest risk gas pipelines, all of which are in need of repair. these rankings or based on self factor including the location, design and whether there is a construction project in the area. san jose, navato and livermore among the local cities listed as possible trouble spots. pg&e points out that any site considered in immediate danger will be taken care of right
away. >> whenever we identify any potential threat to public safety we immediately go and address the situation. we don't put it on some list. it is not on some list of 100. >> now state regulators pressured the utility company to release this list following this month's pipeline disaster in san bruno but surprisingly the section of pipeline that blew up in san bruino is not on the list. it was prepared during data gathered in 2009. pg&e has set up a hot line allowing customers to see if their hole is within 500 feet of a pipeline on this list. that number is there on your screen, 888-743-7431. now we have got the pg&e report and the entire pipeline list on our channel two website. go to >> ac transit will soon discontinue the use of paper tickets on its buses. now to help with the switch
adult riders can exchange unused paper tickets for a free clipper card starting october 1st. the value of those unused tickets will be transferred. ac transit will stop selling then on october 31st and after desbier 31st they will not be accepted. >> sal is wide awake watching the commute. how is the east bay. >> we are starting off well dave and pam. good morning to you. we are going to take a look at interstate 80. the workhorse of the east bay. traffic is looking good coming in from panol to richmond and down to berkeley. making your way to the bay bridge toll plaza there is a light delay so off to a good start here into san francisco. road work has picked up on the bridge. no road work right now. we are looking at a live picture of 280 in the south bay off to a good start. here is steve. >> yesterday low clouds burned
off. temperatures then 60s, 70s and low 80s. the wind is already starting to pick up, from sfo out to travis and even vacaville so the wind will pick up, a weak system to the left of your screen is going to give us more of an onshore push so a west wind and higher clouds later on. a weak system but a cooler and breezy forecast today, 60s, 70s, upper 70s inland, low 50s san rafael and napa, 50, palo alto 52. 30s mountains, 49 eureka and ukia. 50s and 60s down to southern california. a spin is there. it is weak but will push in today and tomorrow e temperatures will go down and recover rapidly but the next 48 hours it is a cooler pattern. that low won't go that fast but will move through and once it does on friday and saturday all signs point towards sunny and warmer weather, especially towards saturday. high clouds to the north, fog and sun, cooler and breezy
today, maybe blustery at times. 60s, 70s and a few very very low 80s but a lot of 70s today and upper 60s. it is a cooler pattern today and tomorrow then we start to see the transition day thursday and it does look sunny-side up and warmer friday-saturday. >> thank you, steve. 5:08 is the time. bart is looking for new ways to raise some bucks and riders may soon see some new sights and sounds on their way to work. >> also today california's budget now 83 days overdo. the latest reason there is no progress in those talks. >> reporter: the latest big political fight here in dc involves john mccain and lady gaga. i will explain coming up. >> good morning. westbound 92 traffic looking pretty good out to the high rise and the san mateo bridge. there is road work we will tell you about and how it is affecting traffic.
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welcome back. 5:12. we are getting word out of afghanistan a nato helicopter has crashed killing 9 troops. the nationalities have not been rested. the taliban is claiming to have shot it down but nato says there were no reports of enemy fire in the area. >> later today the u.s. senate begins debate on whether to repeal the ban on gays openly severing in the military. the movement to repeal don't
ask-don't tell has attracted a celebrity supporter. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with the latest on that. good morning alison. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. it is still unclear here on capitol hill this morning if democrats have the 60 votes they need to pass a major defense bill. it includes a repeal of the controversial don't ask-don't tell policy banning gays in the military. republicans are furious that democrats are moving ahead with the vote before the pentagon's assessment later this year of what a repeal will mean for morale and readiness. >> it is railroading it through without a proper assessment on the morale and effectiveness of our military. >> reporter: pop star lady gaga is getting involved. she held a rally in maine yesterday targeting their two republican senators urging them to vote for the repeal. >> i thought equality was none negotiatable. >> reporter: an estimated 13,000 people have been
discharged from the military since a don't ask-don't tell became law in 1993, including many war vets and military translatedders. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> well, still no progress on california's budget. now 83 days overdo. there were no new negotiations yesterday because governor schwarzenegger was not feeling well. the governor remained in los angeles rather than meet with legislative leaders in sacramento and the lawmakers decided not to meet without him. budget talks last friday ended write no resolution, this is the longest lawmakers have ever gone without sending a budget to the governor's desk. we are now learning that california's pension fund for state employees gave thousands of dollars in bonuses to its top executives at the same time the fund was losing billions of dollars. according to the associated press virtually all of their investment managers were given bonuses of more than 10,000
dollars each during 2008 and the 2009 fiscal year. this as the fund lost 59 billion dollars. a board member says the fund was under contractual obligations to pay those bonuses. >> 5:14. world leaders meet for the second day of talks today at the united nations in new york. in the opening remarks yesterday u.n. secretary- general ban ki-moon urged member nations to stay committed to goals that were set ten years ago to help the world's poor f the millennium challenge aimed to reduce poverty and hunger and improve health standards all over the world. there is a new report on fbi activity following the september 11th attacks. the report claims the fbi improperly spied on peace groups and animal rights activists over the next five years. the fbi reportedly justified the undercover activity by saying that people for the ethical treatment of animals, greenpeace and other groups had
connections to domestic terror cells, however the justice department's inspector general released a report yesterday saying there was little or no basis for the terror link and the surveillance was, unreasonable and inconsistent with fbi policy. >> this week bart with look for new ways to raise money through advertising. one plan calls for installing tv monitors on trains and stations that would provide transit information and air commercials. bart is also considering corporate sponsorship of stations and allowing highway billboards on land that bart owns. >> it is early but sal is looking at the toll plaza. how is it looking? >> it is looking pretty good there dave and pam. good morning to you once again. we check it because this is the time when you might want to get into the city before you have a big crowd westbound coming into san francisco. no major problems. also this morning's commute is okay driving on the nimitz freeway getting to it coming in from let's say san leandro heading north it is a nice drive with no major delays.
this is a look at highway 4, already some busy traffic this early hour. especially in antioch. by the time you get to bay point it is wide open on the way to concord. >> we do have an uncries in lower clouds, a cooler forecast today because that system to the left of your screen, be today and tomorrow then all signs pointing towards rebound toward the weekend as in high pressure. this will cool us down today. it is more cool and breeze than clouds or anything like that. that is the forecast cool and breezy. 50s right now. a chill in the morning air. 50s san rafael and nap that, 52 palo alto and redwood city. upper 40s, 50s and 60s. 30s in the mountains. our system will settle in later today, take us into tomorrow. most of it heading to the north but will clip us. as it does that will knock the high out of here and give as
cool down today. temperatures today a cooler pattern. 60s and 70s, thursd is the tweener day and after that high pressure says i think i am coming back and will settle in on friday and saturday. fog and sun then cooler andy breezy. high clouds maybe to the north, sonoma county maybe northern napa into lake county and mendocino county from that weak little system. 60s, 70s and a few low 80s. the wind is starting to show itself from sfo to fairfield and the delta, so we are going to have temperatures today cooler than yesterday. >> european markets are heading higher this morning. trade in asia remains in a very narrow range with bench marks in hong kong and singapore up slightly. japan's nikkei foal 3/10s of a percent. investors around the world are waiting for the fed meeting here and hoping for new signs
of growth in the u.s. economy since that is likely to boost sales for asian exports. wall street, where we start the day, pretty good by the close, the dow jones gaining 145 points, the nasdaq and s&p 500 posting gains. right now it looks like those will continue. a better indication closer to the opening bell. toyota executives are denying charges by chinese authorities the company gave bribes to car dealers in eastern china. they acknowledge giving money to dealers, when they introduce customers to toy atthat's finance unit but denies it was a bribe. >> students at one bay area high school are still in shock after a fatal car crash. the reason the school district is questioning the actions of teachers and administrators. >> there has been another surprising discovery in the san francisco bay. the second in the past four days. >> good morning. san francisco drivers facing a pretty good commute right now. i will tell you more about the morning drive to work and the
bay weather straight ahead. our real national pastime?
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responsibility for the wildfire that destroyed at least three homes near salt lake city. this morning firefighters had this fire 25% contained racing to get more control before the winds pick up. right now 1600 homes are evacuated in the community of herriman. some of the residents have nowhere to go except temporary shelters, the fire was started by artillery practice on a base that was taking target -- using as a practice range. well san francisco park service workers are about to bury a beached whale today. it washed ashore on a popular beach. the 50 foot carcass was found on ocean beach yesterday morning. marine biologists have collected tissue samples from it and now trying to figure out its species, the sex of it and what caused its death. this was the seconds time in less than a week a dead whale has turned up in the bay. last thursday there was this, a container ship dragged a smaller whale to the port of
oakland. that was towed out to sea for disposal. >> the navato school district wants to know why no adults noticed that a student may have been drunk hours before he left campus and got into a car crash that killed one of his classmates. four navato high school students were in the car when it crashed friday afternoon. the teenagers skipped class before lunch. investigators found open beer kansas and a liquor bottle at the crash site. the 16-year-old driver was later arrested for dui. some students told grief counselors they saw the teenaged driver drunk in class hours before that crash. >> i hope everybody learns from it. >> when it actually happens it changes your whole perspective on things like we just lost somebody really close to us. >> 15-year-old is sack broad died, the others injured. one of the students critical is now off life support and is expected to survive. the california department of alcoholic beverage control is
investigating to find out how those teenagers got the alcohol. >> time now 5:24. police in oakland have a very important warning. it directly affects anyone planning a morning jog around lake merritt. also deadly domestic disputes what led police to this vehicle and what they found inside. plus san francisco mayor gavin newsom has vowed to veto the controversial alcohol tax. why some critics say he should not even be involved in this debate. >> good morning. 680 southbound traffic off to a good start. we will tell you more about the morning commute and have another look at the weather straight ahead.
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welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news, tuesday, sets beer 21st. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. time now just about 5:30. what is the weather going to be like stephen? >> low clouds and a cooler air mass, so 60s, 70s for many today or very very low 80s, today and tomorrow look cooler. we will have the five day and see if there is any warm up in five minutes. here is sal. >> steve, traffic is moving well driving on north and southbound 880. that traffic is moving along pretty well e there are no ma job there and this morning commute at the toll plaza off to a nice start.
>> vallejo police are investigating a very complicated homicide case, that one spans two cities. claudine wong is live in vallejo now with all the details. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we are in glen cove park this morning because this was one of the crime scenes. police believe the killing may have actually happened in this parking lot. i just spoke to a gentleman who actually drove by this area yesterday and he says that the victim's truck was actually parked in the back corner of n parking lot. that is all that was here, however. just the victim's truck. covered in what police say was a large amount of blood. we still don't know exactly what happened. police are still investigating that this morning. what we know is that the accused killer in all this confessed at least twice. the first time 1:20 yesterday when police say 39-year-old william ubando called his estranged wife and confessed to killing his girl trend of ten months. his wife called 911 and police went to check the home of the girlfriend but found no sign of
her. at some point they got a call about the truck in the parking lot here. that truck belongs to her. it was empty but covered in what police say was a large amount of blood which intensified the search. then at 5:25 a co-workers calmed police and said he had driven to his time and confessed to that killing. police got there and found a woman who was beaten to death on the front seat. he was arrested without incident and has been very willing to talk to police about what happened. ubando has no criminal record. the times herald is reporting they had recently broken up. he is this morning booked in the solano county jail on charges of kidnapping and murder. live here in vallejo, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> police in oakland has issued an important warning to people
living around lake merritt. they say two women were sexually assaulted during separate robberies sunday night and the same man may be responsible go both attacks. police are urging people in the area to be aware of their surroundings and they should call police if they see anything suspicious. >> what we have been seeing recently with these robberies is people distracted by their cell phones and other electronic devices so especially be diligent entering and exiting your cars. >> oakland police are expected to release a sketch of the attacker later today. a third suspect now faces charges in connection with last month's shooting of a police officer. francisco sierra is accused of being an accessory after the fact to attempted murder. investigators say he admitted that he picked up andrew bar ri rennes to after he shot and wounded officer todd young. police later arrested him near the mexican border. officer young is still
recovering at highland hospital. >> 5:31. bicyclists in petalooma are being warned about a dangerous intersection after a second person was hit there in recent weeks. the latest accident happened yesterday on north mcdowell boulevard at sunrise parkway. a five-year-old girl riding her bike to school was struck in the cross walk, police say the driver could not see her and could not stop in time. she suffered minor injuries. todd the san francisco board of supervisors is expected to pass a new alcohol tax in order to pay for alcohol related health problems. it is a measure that san francisco mayor gavin newsom vows to veto. >> he should just recuse himself and not vote on this and allow the 7-3 vote to stand so that the alcohol cost recovery fee becomes law. >> now supporters of the alcohol tax held this protest last night right in front of a wine story the mayor used to be a co-owner, critics say because of that he should stay out.
but the mayor says there is no convict of interest because he divested all of his wine store properties in san francisco. >> cal trans is calling the bay area's first toll express lane a success but not everyone agrees. about a thousand drivers tried out the southbound 680 express lane yesterday but some drivers say their commute was actually slower. cal trans says there was a 15 minute delay where the lane begins at highway 84 in sunol as drivers tried to merge into that new lane. >> all right. time now 5:33. sal is watching the streets of san jose. what happened down there? >> you know right now we have a serious injury accident at the corner of alma din and o'grady in san jose, alma din expressway near o'grady a car ran into a tree, a serious investigation, a reporter and crew on the way and a live reported from the scene coming up. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge westbound 92 that traffic moves well out to the high rise.
over the bayshore freeway so far so good for your trip to the airport. if you are going to the oakland airport 880 right near it as you can see looks pretty good here in both directions. driving this morning in san francisco along northbound 101 trying to get downtown is a good time to do it. that traffic is easy on the way up to the 80 split. at 5:33 here is steve. >> sal, thank you and a good morning to you all. a warm up yesterday after a cloudy weekend and rain to the north and low clouds that disappeared. temperatures 60s, 70s, 80s well, right back into a little cool down. only a one day warm up. a good spin in the atmosphere and this system is going to go parallel to the coast near us on the way to southern california and gee ject out in the next 36 to 48 hours but that will usher in a cooler forecast and breezy at times. get a good look at it. ahead of that higher clouds and low clouds starting to bank up on the coast so temperatures go right back down today. cooler breezy, 60s, 70s inland, to a few upper 70s, i think you
will notice the big difference in the temperatures. a little chill out there this morning right now. san rafael and napa 50. would not be surprised to get a couple of upper 40s. still digging deep but i have seen a couple. palo alto 52. 30s mountains, 50s, 60s valley. ukia tbrinh 49. not a lot of moisture but it makes me nervous. the screening message is the cooler side and the wind picking up. this system will settle in today-tomorrow for a cooler pattern. now again it is not that strong but it is there and anytime you goat a low coming in it will started to play into the forecast. the good news though it doesn't look like it wants to stick around very long. wit hang in and start to move out. so breezy and come in and move out and temperatures will warm up towards friday and saturday as high pressure comes back in rapidly behind that and temperatures could go above average by the end of the week but today we start a cooling trend, fog, sun, cooler breezy,
high clouds to the north. 60s, 70s and maybe a few very low 80s but temperatures falling down today tomorrow and start a rebound on thursday, pam and dave. >> we are now getting reaction from people here in the bay area finding out exactly how much their local officials are being paid. a new survey by the league of california cities shows san ramon has the highest paid city manager in the bay area with a sal ear of $359,000 last year. that is more than the managers of bigger cities such as oakland and pleasanton. >> i understand getting compensated for a job well done but you have to understand that people who live here probably have a reaction to that he is getting overpaid. >> the san ramon city manager told us over the phone that his salary has never been a secret and that the city has a pay for performance system that allows for raises. according to the survey the city managers of danville, livermore, santa clara, sunnyvale and mill veal were
also paid more than $300,000 last year. >> 5:36. we don't know how it may feel to you but the recession is over. that is according to the national bureau of economic resernlings. they say the recession started in december 2007 and ended in june of last year. that makes it the longest recession since the end of world war ii. they add that the economy has actually been growing for the last 15 months. however, the experts say the effects are still being felt because an estimated 15 million americans still don't have a job. they say unemployment usually keeps rising after a recession ends. they add the jobless numbers don't drop until the recovery is well underway. last month 9.6% of working age americans were still looking for a job. the one day meeting of the federal reserve board is just underway in washington, d.c. at this hour. the federal reserve chairman ben bernanke and his colleagues are considering what steps if
any they should take to strengthen the u.s. economy and boost employment across the country. most experts don't expect any major announcements after today's conference but they hope to spot clues to possible policy changes. this by the way is the fed's last meeting before the november elections. >> stock markets definitely waiting for what the fed has to say. distracted driving is the focus of a summit today. the stiff rules proposed to make the roads safer. >> she claimed she was the victim of an acid attack, we will tell you why investigators now say that is not the case. >> good morning, northbound 280 traffic is off to a nice start here in the valley. we will tell you about another freeway not having such a pleasant start coming up. ?w?wóç
good morning. if you are driving on highway 4 already some busy traffic coming in from antioch on the way to bay point and concord. so far no collisions or stalled vehicles along the way. >> all right. sal. time now 5:40. here is a quick look at some of the other top stories we are following for you right now. warning signs are posted at a south bay trail after investigators say a female jogger was attacked on ?el avenue last sunday, investigators say the suspect pushed the victim into an aqueduct and tried to sexually assault her. she fought him off and got away. today the senate starts debate on repealing the ban on gays serving openly in the u.s. military. however republicans want to keep that law at least until the pentagon finishes a report on how it might effect the troops. today california's budget is 83 days late. there were no negotiations
yesterday because the governor was ill. no word yet if the talks will resume today. >> we are now hearing reports out of north korea that a new leader of the country is likely to be announced at a meeting next week. according to the north korean state news media the country's ruling party will hold its biggest meeting in ten years to choose a new leader, the choice is expected to bo the son. rose cue way efforts are underway here. teams managed to save the driver and four children but 11 others are confirmed dead and the authorities fear that number will only get higher. the accident happened when the driver was taking a turn and lost control and skidded into that river. >> time now 5:42. another tragedy for the denver broncos football team. wide receiver kenny mckenly was found dead in his home near
denver late yesterday of an apparent suicide. his death is the latest in a series of tragedies for the broncos in recent years, cornerback darrent williams was killed in a drive-by shooting new year's day 2007. three months later running back damon nash collapsed and died following a charity basketball game. in washington state the woman who is at the center of an acid hoax has been charged now with felony theft. investigators say 28-year-old bed thane storeo admitted to putting the acid on her face itself. she had claimed an african american person had thrown it on her face. she is now facing charges relating to $58 thousand of donations given to her. >> federal transportation officials will hold a second summit in washington, d.c. today on distracted driving. the summit will focus on ways to keep drivers's on the road instead of on their cell phones. it will also highlight efforts by companies to prevent
employees from using their mobile devices while driving. the obama administration also issued a proposal today to ban truck drivers from sending text messages whitehalling hazardous materials. >> let's go right back to sal see how the morning is moving. is it moving good? >> i would say so, dave. right now we are off to a nice start in many areas. of it is early so we don't know what it is going to be like in any hour here at the bay brag toll plaza, for example. but looks pretty good so far into the city. smftd road work you see on the bridge into san francisco is gone. northbound 101 coming up to the 80 split also looks pretty good. if you are driving down the peninsula along highway 101, 101 and 280 you can see the road censors doing pretty well but getting slow traffic on highway 1, you can see those road censors are turning color, yellow and red mines slower and slower traffic. 5:44 here is steve. >> good morning, everybody.
a cooler forecast today. we will carry that into tomorrow as well. this is the last full day of summer by the way. fall starts tomorrow at 8:09 p.m. i will be out banging pots and pans. heres our cool down, a little low right there that will dive along the coast and they'd to southern california and eject out. the good news is high pressure is warm on its heels. not hot but warm. low clouds already starting to get pushed in in advance of it and a few high clouds possible. not much of a system but cooler breezy today is the main message, 60s, 70s, the wind has pick up for some. west at 16 at sfo, west- southwest 14 at fairfield and vacaville has a west-southwest wind, usually that is a sure sign of cooler weather. 50s, livermore 55, 30s mountains, 40s, 50s, 60s in the
valley. 50s, 60s, up and down the coast. that low is going to play into our forecast today and tomorrow. the main message is a cooler pattern. the low comes over us. mostly sunny, partly cloudy, cooler and breezy, more clouds to the north. 60s and 70 almost for everybody here today. maybe a couple of low 80s well well inland. the cooler day wednesday, transition day thursday, fall again 8:09 tomorrow then warmer weather, sunshine and warmer weather friday and saturday. >> wal-mart has a new tactic to increase sales. the world's largest retailer will unveil plans for smaller stores and one area it is targeting is san francisco. the stores would be bigger than the average drugstore but not as big as most grocery stores. wal-mart executives say they need to have a presence in all kinds of neighborhoods including large cities rather than just in the suburbs. hewlett-packard and its
former ceo have reached an agreement that clears the way for him to lead oracle. neither side is releasing details but is believed that heard is giving up 14 million in stock that was part of his severance package. google is taking new security measures against hackers. google will soon require g-mail users to type a 6 digit code after entering their password. that code will be sent to the users cell phone, the two step log in is supposed to make it harder to hackers to break in, the change is exhibited to be part of the process. google is already asking account users for their cell phone numbers. >> there is a new report out suggesting women may have born the brunt of the recession, the wall street journal broke down information and found 141,000 left the finance industry over the past decade. that accounts to 2.6% of all females in finance.
meantime, 389,000 men joined the industry. the report finds most women left companies that were hit hard by the recession like investment banks, technology also replaced many jobs traditionally held by women. after more than a decade of planning and approval from nasa, a new stretch of trail has opened behind moffitt field. the 2.4 mile trail extension in sunnyvale had been off-limits to the public for dex cads. look at it now. it is now part of an effort to create a 500 mile long trail around san francisco and san pablo bays. the new extension now means cyclists have a direct connection between sunnyvale and mountain view. the next step will be to secure land to connect the trail to east palo alto. >> california's public schools could soon be required to provide students with free water at lunchtime. lawmakers sent a bill to governor schwarzenegger that calls for fresh water to be offered in cafeterias by next summer but the measure does not
include funding and some districts are worried about the cost. the governor has until thursday to sign it. >> 5:48. a couple of closed schools in san francisco may be converted to housing for teachers. this proposal will get a close look tomorrow. the union says with san francisco's high cost of living about a third of its teachers live outside the city. many end up leaving after a couple of years. converting a shut teared school on mission street and one on page street would provide affordable teacher housing. >> -- the political will to want to do it. we have the property to do it and now we want to see if we can find some partners to do it with us. >> by the way that vote should be coming up today. the board of education will debate and again vote on this proposal today. >> well, one of the bay areas closely watched murder cases a passionate plea from the victim's family. the family of murdered
journalist chauncey bailey now say what they don't want to happen with the trial. >> also troubled actress lindsey lohan already knows where she is supposed to be this coming friday, like it or not.
when it comes to veterans, no one fights harder than jerry mcnerney. when some vets were forced to travel hours for care, mcnerney fought for a new v.a. medical facility, and won. mcnerney took on washington gridlock, to improve care for vets with traumatic brain injuries. his plan became law. that's why vfw state commander dave norris endorsed mcnerney. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i'm honored to approve this message. thanks, dad.
good morning to you,
welcome back. time now 5:52. the family of slain oakland journalist chauncey bailey is asking a judge not to move his murder trial out of alameda county. bailey's people wrote to the judge, who is expected to make a decision this week on a possible change of venue motion. attorneys for the two defendants in the murder have asked for the trial to be moved to los angeles and say there has been too much publicity here in the bay area. the department of fish and gayle is offering an explanation for a reddish color in the waters off the san francisco coast. officials say this is part of a large algae bloom known as the red tide. it has been noticeable since late last week. fish and gain says the algae is the result of decaying organic matter mixed with warm water. it is common for this time of the year but they say it is not toxic. >> actress lindsay lohan could be headed back to jail. a judge issued an arrest warrant after the 24-year-old admitted she failed a court ordered drug and alcohol screening test. lohan was released from rehab
less than a month ago after serving jail time. she has been ordered to appear this friday but can remain free until then. lohan has settled her 100 million lawsuit over a super bowl ad for etrade. the ad featured a baby haled named lindsey that was a milk a alcoholic. tmz reports lohan received some money. >> bay area home hunters have got a chance to own a piece of rock and roll history. the home of former grateful dead singer and guitarist jerry garcia is up for sale. it is on the markets for almost $4 million. the 7000 square foot home was jerry garcia's last home before he died in 1995. in recent years the current owner renovated the house and sold many of the fixtures to raise money for charity. >> an investigation is underway in brazil after more than 100
people were hurt when a spectator stand collapsed during a car race. take a look at the video. the metal stand crumpled, look at that, in less than a seconds. 111 people were hurt in that accident including 22 were seriously injured. an estimated 500 people were sitting on the stand when it went down. chaos followed as you can see, some people tried to help those injured. >> unbelievable. all you cancan do is say is wow. let's go to sal. how is our commute? >> right now things are doing pretty well in most areas. we are looking at 280 moving along nicely into san francisco. no major problems hire. the commute also looks good up to highway 17. southbound 680 traffic moves along well as you drive up towards the -- drive to the valley, no major problems this morning. if you are in san francisco along northbound 101 it is a
nice drive. no problems on the two 80 extension. all the road work on the upper deck of the bay bridge has been cleared so traffic is moving along nicely. at 5:55. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. there is a special warning for women in one east bay community. we will tell you why police think one man hey have attacked several women. >> plus two different bay area police departments investigating a woman's murder. why the actions of the suspected killer are so alarming. >> good morning. some low clouds around. cooler and breezy today. how cool? those forecasted highs coming up. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc. ouha a o. a!'s ol ouha a o. l's . y,ai wr'my0?'s ol ouha a o. aschki. lcetoanitche. y,h'updu . aswh mte
good morning two separate attacks on two women at lake march rite, the specific behavior pools say can lead to trouble. >> police investigating a crash that still has a major expressway closed. >> a roller coaster week for temps, will today be up or down? >> police are investigating a violent killing of a women, the unusual moves the suspect made that led police to the body and his arrest. that story just ahead. >> complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning
news. >> good morning to you, welcome to tuesday, september 21st. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. let's start with steve paulson and a little weather, steve. >> thank you very much, pam and dave. a chill for some this morning and the wind picking up, upper 40s santa rosa and north napa, cooler today, a weak system is going to brush us, the wind has picked up for some, west 16 at sfo, so 60s today and 70s under partly sunny skies but cool and breezy. now, here is my good friend sal. >> steve, right now westbound 80 traffic is moving along pretty well as you head out to the macarthur maze with no major problems here to the toll plaza of the bay bridge. also westbound bay bridge toll plaza here as you can see it is a nice drive and no problems on the bridge. now we are following developing news in san jose, one teenager has been killed another hurt in an early morning crash in san jose. ktvu channel 2 reporter kraig debro is on the scene with more. >> reporter: good morninam